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Daniel Bennett is currently attending Wayne State University, working towards a BM in Composition. He has been playing piano since age 7, starting with classical training, eventually transitioning into a jazz focus. Daniel graduated from Community High School’s acclaimed jazz program, including being a part of “Bad Dudes” who came in second in the 43rd International Downbeat Magazine Student Music Award, and “Jazz Underworld” who won the 2019 Western Invitational Jazz Festival, in which Daniel received awards for outstanding improvised solo. After graduating, he also spent a year as a volunteer student teaching at Community High, leading a band of 6 freshmen to perform in a concert at the Ark in Ann Arbor. Daniel has been playing jazz/funk gigs in the Southeastern Michigan area for over five years, ranging from background music at restaurants to performances for a crowd. Daniel has also been songwriting since age 11, and producing since 14. With those skills, He has written several works in many genres, including, EDM, Pop, Rap, and more. Daniel is comfortable teaching any genre, including improvisational studies, and looks to make learning music an enjoyable experience for his students.

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