Why Are Musicians So Cool?

Jan 10 · 4 min read

Ever since Miles Davis and his Birth of the Cool album it seems like musicians have become cool. Musicians are different from other artists. They're cooler, they have more charisma and they seem like they're having a lot more fun than other artists. But why? There's a reason that musicians are so cool. Here are seven aspects of their personalities that make them stand out:

Musicians are so cool because they project self confidence. When they perform they are the center of attention. Musicians also care about branding and presentation, they often take fashion risks and occasionally start fashion trends.

Here are 7 reasons musicians are cool:

  1. They Are Confident

To be a musician is to have confidence in your music, yourself and your ability to perform. In order to play music for a living, you have to be confident that what you are creating is going to be good enough for people who like your genre of music. You also have to be confident that it’s worth paying for.

Many musicians don’t just think about their own personal style or image; they also have an eye for fashion and style in general. They can tell if someone else has great style or not and they know how important it is when performing on stage.

  1. They Care About Branding and Fashion

Music can be a powerful tool for getting your brand out there, and while you might think that’s a no-brainer, many musicians don’t actually know how to use their music in this way. But some artists have figured it out: they have their own look, not just when they perform but also when they go on tour or appear on TV shows or talk shows. Why do musicians care so much about branding? It helps them succeed! People will buy merchandise with their image on it; they'll pay more money to see an artist when they know what to expect from the concert experience--and if there's one thing we know about fans of any genre of music, it's that once someone has heard something he likes enough times on Pandora or Spotify...he'll keep listening.

  1. Fans Get Obsessed

Fans get so obsessed with their favorite artists that they want to know everything about them. They want to know what they eat, what they wear and what they are doing right at this very moment. Fans want so badly to be like their favorite musicians that it becomes an obsession for them. When they see someone who looks like their favorite musician walking down the street, they go crazy trying to get a closer look or even talk to them and find out if this person is indeed one of the coolest people on earth or just some random person walking by who just happens not to have taken off his sunglasses yet.

  1. They Have Swagger

If you want to be cool, remember that confidence and swagger are the same thing. Confidence is the ability to believe in yourself even when everyone else thinks you're wrong. Swagger is confidence with a style, a flare for being unique or original—or just looking good doing something ordinary (like walking down the street). It's not about how good of an athlete you are; it's about how much style and panache you bring to your sport or activity.

To build self-confidence:

Don't compare yourself with other people—that will just bring on negative emotions like jealousy or envy, which can sabotage your self-esteem! Instead of comparing yourself to others, focus on what makes YOU special and unique among all people on Earth!

  1. They know how to work a room

If you're an aspiring musician, there's one thing you should learn: how to make people smile, laugh, cry and dance. If you can do this in the right situation—like an open mic night or a house concert—then your chances of making it big will increase exponentially. If you are interested in music lessons check out our music lessons in Plymouth and Canton.

For example, I once saw a performer sing about his dog dying ("I didn't know what death was," he said). It started as songs about dogs but then became more philosophical. “Dogs are like humans in many ways," he said. "They have feelings and emotions just like us." He then went on with some examples from his own life where dogs have let him down (or vice versa), which elicited laughs from the audience until one woman started crying loudly enough for everyone else to realize she wasn't laughing at all; she was crying because she'd lost her own dog recently too! When it came time for questions after his set ended, several people asked if they could buy tickets so that they could donate them back toward animal shelters or pet rescue organizations in their cities

  1. They Tell Stories

Music is a great way to tell stories, whether it’s about your life or the world. Musicians are able to use their music to convey a message or tell a story about themselves and their experiences, which is one of the reasons why they are so cool!

  1. When they Perform Everyone is Watching Them

You’re in the audience and you see a musician performing. You can’t help but be drawn in by the music, lyrics, or performance. You become a part of the show because they have your attention and you are watching them perform.

Musicians have a captive audience that they can control. They can make them feel what they want them to feel at any given time by controlling their emotions through their words or actions on stage as well as through their instruments if it is an instrumentalist doing their thing on stage that night at this venue where everyone is gathered together listening intently while being entertained by these talented artists who love what they do and share it with us all!


Musicians' success comes from the unique combination of their personalities and their music

You may have noticed that successful musicians possess some very specific traits. They tend to be creative, charismatic people who are good at marketing themselves and their music. They also possess an innate sense of branding; a knack for putting together an appealing persona and a unique stage presence.

But why do these things matter so much? Well, it’s because they make all the difference between being an artist and being someone who just makes music in their bedroom. And as we all know, the distinction between these two things is huge!

The best musicians understand how important it is to stand out from everyone else—and they know how to do it through their creativity and personality alone (without having to rely on marketing strategies).


We have a lot to learn from artists. And not just about making music or performing on stage. The most important thing we can learn is how they stay motivated and focused on what they love while still being aware of the world around them. They're also great role models because they take risks every day - even if it's just trying out new styles or sounds that might not work out as planned! We may never be able to master all these traits ourselves, but hopefully after reading this article you'll feel more confident about pursuing whatever passion drives you forward in life

Karen Flores
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