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Violin Lessons in Ann Arbor

Treeside Music Academy offers in home private violin lessons in Ann Arbor. Our teachers are carefully selected and trained to provide you with a quality music education.

Treeside Music Academy offers in home private violin lessons in Ann Arbor. In home lessons are great for people who want to learn violin at their own pace. You can also learn violin in the comfort of your own home, which may be more convenient or affordable than taking a class at an institute or school. In home private violin lessons will help you master all aspects of playing the instrument. You will be able to play songs and read music! If you want to improve your skills on this beautiful instrument then this is definitely something worth looking into!

Private Violin Teachers in Ann Arbor

    How Our Violin Lessons Work

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    Book a $25 Intro Violin Lesson

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    The teacher comes to you

    (we also offer virtual lessons)

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    Decide to continue

    Enjoy weekly lessons all month long

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    In-Home Violin Lessons

    Imagine the convenience of having a violin teacher come to you. No travel, no time away from your family, and no lost productivity at work. You can get the private lessons you need in your home while still maintaining your daily routine without ever missing a beat! If you are looking for an experienced violin instructor who is ready to work with you on whatever musical goals you may have, then we invite you to contact us today. We will be happy to answer any questions that may come up as well as give more details about our services; however, if we do not find an opportunity like this right now, don't worry—we'll keep your information handy so that when one becomes available it won't pass by unnoticed!

    You can learn violin in the comfort of your own home. No need to travel! We come to you. Learn a new skill and save time.

    One on one instruction is a great way to learn a new skill, and the comfort of your own home is an ideal setting. Learning a musical instrument can be both challenging and rewarding, so it's important that you find the right teacher. At Treeside Music Academy we have more than five years of experience in violin instruction. Our instructors all have a degree in music, are experienced, and enthusiastic about sharing their knowledge with others. We offer private lessons for all ages and abilities. Whether you're just beginning or have been playing for years, we'll make sure you're learning something every time! Our teachers are professional musicians who know how to teach violin in Ann Arbor Michigan so that you can achieve your musical goals quickly & easily. Whether you want to perform at Carnegie Hall or simply enjoy playing for yourself alone at home after work each day our private lessons will give you exactly what

    Private violin lessons are a great gift for your child. Learning the violin is a fun hobby that can help them de-stress and relax, and also develop their musical skills. Private violin lessons are also a great way to give yourself something to look forward to every week; it's good for the mind and soul!

    Treeside Music Academy offers in-home private violin lessons to students ages 5 and up. Our instructors teach all levels of violin, from beginners to advanced players who want to polish their skills or learn new techniques. In-home lessons allow you to save time by having your lesson in the comfort of your own home, on a schedule that fits your needs. You’ll also have personalized attention from an expert teacher who knows how you learn best! We know how hard it can be to find enough time for a new hobby or interest—and that’s why we keep our student-to-teacher ratio low so we can give each student the individual attention they deserve while still providing an affordable rate.

    We hope we have inspired you to take the first step towards learning the violin. If you are ready to take one on one private lessons, please contact us for more information. We will discuss your needs and make sure that our teachers match them.

    Violin Lesson FAQs

    How much do violin lessons cost in Ann Arbor?


    In Ann Arbor the average violin lesson costs $40 for a 30 minute lesson in-studio. At Treeside Music Academy we come to your home for a competitive price!

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