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Jeremy Esquer


Jeremy Esquer is an Ann Arbor based contemporary composer and classical guitarists. He has composed works for mixed trio, brass quintet, reed quintet, wind ensemble, two piano two percussion, Pierrot ensemble, and solo piano works. At the age of fifteen Jeremy was commissioned to arrange a piece for his marching band which was performed at a football game during the halftime show. As a guitarist he toured Europe with the Cal State LA Guitar Ensemble and performed in Malta for the U.S. ambassador. He has taught classical guitar privately and served as a music theory tutor at Imperial Valley College, where he received his AA degree and later received his BM in composition at California State University of Los Angeles. Jeremy also plays electric guitar and has performed with a metal band at the House of Blues as well as on the Queen Mary. On Guitarrón he has also performed all over the Imperial Valley in a Mariachi group. Jeremy wants to get his doctorate in composition and train the next generation of classical composers. His life goal is to internalize the world around him and be able to exert it into beauty for people to enjoy and also experience meaning, advice, story and understanding.

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